Art Elements

By Anna Loureiro

Line-Shows the different lines through the curvature, straight lines, and thickness of all the lines on the graffiti.
Shape-The painting shows the different two dimensional boxes geometric and normal shapes throughout the whole painting.
Form-This sculpture of Diana has form. You can see the width of the arrows and you can walk around the sculpture and view the detail throughout it.
Value-The value of the painting is mainly the grayness and bleakness that it contains. Although the white tablecloth would reflect a high amount of light and therefore has a lighter value.
Texture-The water lilies and the water look almost real and look as though they are real and you could touch them. The lilies would feel almost as if they were soft and the water real.
Color-Much of the color is intensely bright and the hues vary from dark blues to light mossy greens.
Space-The main point of the painting is the woman with the parasol. Although there is much more negative space with the sky and the grass.
Credits: All media
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