The unconscious world

Welcome to the Unconscious world Art exhibition. This exhibition is about the sky. I have chosen this topic because in the sky you will find all the answers you seek. The sky has unlimited space. This allows each person to create their own sky and do what they desire, express their personality and feelings and create their own world. In the morning, the sky is very bright and welcoming, as the sun shines brightly and the sky is bright blue, it assures you that there is something good in everyday. The clouds create mystical shapes as they move through the sky, they enable each person to imagine and reflect. At night, the sky is full of beautiful stars and the bright effulgent moon is watching over us, this is shown on the artwork called 'Starry Night' by Edvard Munch. This artwork shows a bridge and the sky appears magical with the green and blue shades blended together.The sky expresses itself using the sun, clouds and rain. Like a human it has feelings and will cry and creates thunder when it's angry and overwhelmed, just like in the artwork The sea in uproar, The Skaw pit by Holger Drachmann.

The artwork 'The Terrace' by Ellen Axson Wilson characterises the cultural frame. This oil on canvas painting was created by Mrs Wilson, the first wife of president Woodrow Wilson. She is an upper class, rich person in society. This painting shows she is rich because there is an expensive looking balcony overlooking a large, beautiful garden and the distant mountains. Wilson has used bright, 'happy' colours to create this painting as they will create a sense that she has a luxurious and happy life, which isn't always true as everyone upper class, middle class and lower class may have problems with family/friends, financially or in their daily lives.
The artwork 'Sky Study with Rainbow' by John Constable characterises the postmodern frame. The artwork is a "watercolour on medium, smooth, blued white woven paper". It characterises the postmodern frame because it shows Irony, Recontextualise and Naïve features. It is Irony because the rainbow is in a dark, shady grey sky. Recontextualise because the rainbow is in a cloudy sky with no hints of sun or blue sky. The artwork is also Naïve because it is 'unprofessional' and is simple and childlike.
The artwork 'Night with her train of stars' by Edward Robert Hughes has characteristics of the subjective frame. Hughes created the 1270x762mm painting using watercolour, body colour and gold medium. This artwork makes me feel like the angels are doing something secretive because the female angel in the foreground has a finger over her lips telling the young angels to be quiet. I also think that they are doing something secretive because angels usually wear white, silver and gold unlike this painting, the young angels are nude and the female angel in the foreground is wearing a long dress with dark shades of blue. This painting makes me feel important as I can see the secretive work they are doing. I think that the meaning of the artwork is that as the female angel is teaching the young angels above the clouds on earth during the night, she is telling them to be quiet. These are some of the guardian angels watching over us and protecting us.
The artwork 'Our Banner in the sky' by Frederic Edwin Church has many characteristics of the Structural frame. This is a 4/5x4/5 inches sized painting. It has been painted using oil on paper, mounted on paper board. A dark green tree and black tree stump is in the foreground. The tree stump works as a flag pole for the American flag in the background. Church has painted the American flag in the centre of the sky using effulgent colours such as yellow, orange and blue against a dark background of black and grey clouds. This is a symbol to show that America is a proud and powerful nation. The painting has simulated texture especially in the sky.