Urbana wall art - (Gilbert Nelson)

The city is the pinnacle of human engineering and cooperation. For the city is the combination of humans hard work in dreams located in one place. Buildings as tall as the eye can see so packed together that some streets only see the sun for but a few minutes a day. Now some of these buildings are bland looking. So some artist have to spruce them up in there own style. This gallery is of Graffiti on city buildings in the form of pictures and paintings.  

This image is a graffiti mural of just random characters. One is a low capped creature holding a man shaped like the candle of the statue of liberty. And on the other side of the building is a wide eyed king sucking up the world. Although I don't understand the liberty reference i understand the World sucking mural.
This image is of Jesus and one of his 12 apostles. He looks angry and apprehensive because in this image Jesus is being taken away by the Roman empire to be crucified. The colors are rich and the texture although on a rough surface looks a little smooth.
This Graffiti image is of the Rapper Notorious B.I.G also known as Biggie Smalls. He was the pinnacle of New York Rap in the early to mid 90's. He was loved by every rap fan in New York and was the leader of the East Coast Rap. Unfortunately in 1996 he was gunned down while out of state. He is remembered as well as is west coast counterpart Tupac as the two greatest rappers ever. This image is one of the most realistic graffiti images I have ever scene.
This is another graffiti image of a famous musician who was a pioneer of his time. Jimi Hendrix. He was a Rock and Roll legend and this image without a doubt shows his greatness. The words seem to flow from his guitar as if he is playing them into life. And above him is words to live by. Music is my Religion.
This Graffiti art piece from Barracas, Buenos Aires is of a realistic sea turtle swimming out of a pipe. It almost looks as if the giant turtle is going to swim off the wall and fly off. The sheer scale of it is something to behold in of itself and shows credit to the artist's vision. Although this isn't probably the biggest graffiti art in Buenos Aires, it's one of the greatest and beautiful pieces.
This mural is of elephants, were one is very realistics and the two behind it are shadows. The image is called Every Piece of Ivory COmes from a Dead Elephant. So to me this depicts that the main elephant that is realistic is alive but soon to be poached for the ivory, and behind him is the soul's of his ancestors that have been poached for their tusk. This shows that some graffiti images are for a political reason.
This image is of a public service announcement, that beyond this point, there is no crack allowed. In New York City and some cities there is an epidemic of drug addicts and drug dealers. This image shows to me that the tagger is for the community and refuses to allow someone to use crack in their area. The shape of the letters are hard and sharp and the colors are loud to get people's attention.
This image is very symbolic with this whole gallery. While Graffiti is a very beautiful and well liked art that many can get into, It is still an illegal practice. People can get in trouble for painting buildings and this image shows the feelings of that. A ghostly looking girl stands o a hill of paint cans looking out on the city sad looking. This is symbolic with the time as there was a heavy crackdown on those who painted graffiti.
Although to me this isn't a work of graffiti, it is a nice piece of art in an urban setting. It's a painted wall in a rainbow color scheme. The colors blend into one another very well. So well in fact that there is no distinct line between the colors. While I can only speculate, I think this was for the LGTB awareness.
This is probably my favorite image so far. It is a whole graffiti mural of a WW2 plane fly low over a windmill. What makes me love this image is the sheer size of it all. It covers the whole side of a building and blends well with the building.
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