Balance-This picture represents balance because if you split it in half both of the halves are the same or a mirror image.
Repetition-This represents repetition because the patterns on it are similar to each other.
Emphasis-This represents emphasis because the hare is the center and biggest part of the picture.
Contrast-This represents contrast because the lady in the center of the picture is the main part from the rest of the details.
Unity-This represents unity because the picture makes sense with all the details in it which makes everything belong in the picture.
Proportion-This picture represents proportion because the tower is much more bigger than anything other detail in the picture.
Variety-This picture represents variety because there are a lot of details in the picture that you will notice such are the man and the horse in the picture.
Movement-This picture represents movement because it shows the girl on the right (Fortune teller) showing the girl on the left a card (her fortune).
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