Man and the moon - Zavious Muhammad

A collection of paintings showcasing Man's fascination with the Moon. This gallery showcases the increasing knowledge and representation of our moon in art, in a chronological order. Little can compare to how important our orbital companion has been to the history of mankind. Without the Moon, life and art as we know it could not exist.

In this piece, the Moon glares at us behind a partly cloudy sky. The small amount of contrast between the Moon and the background shows deep mystery in the moon.
In A Tiger Under the Moon, we see a powerful tiger in a defensive power under a feint moon. The space between the tiger and the Moon lets us focus on each object individually.
We can see that there is more attention being paid to the Moon in this painting. The scholar in the picture is clearly pointing to the moon in curiosity and wonder.
In this picture, the Moon is brighter and larger than past depictions of it. The artist seems to use negative space to create the brightness of the Moon.
This picture was created without using hard lines. Shading and smearing is used to make the trees and the lack of color in the middle of the painting creates the Moon.
This painting showcases the illuminating capabilities our moon has. In this dark, cloudy night, the moon lights up the sky. The artist in this painting knows how bright our moon can be at night.
The crows' movement gives this picture energy and motion. However, the bright moon in the background demands the viewers attention. This shows how the moon looks bigger in contrast to closer objects.
This picture is very similar to "Reeds with Moon" from a century ago. However, we witness the moon in a waning crescent phase. The moon is the center piece of this painting and focuses our attention towards the middle of the painting.
This picture showcases our biggest and brightest moon yet. It is interesting how though the Sun is usually represented as bright orange, there is no doubt that this is clearly our moon. The figure in the front gives this painting character. This "Man" is as much a mystery as our moon once was.
This is the most hyper-realistic painting of our moon in this gallery. The detail in the texture of the surface of our moon showcases the artist knowledge of the moon's surface composition.
Credits: All media
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