Edo Japan (19th century city)

This gallery shows the city Tokyo as it was known as Edo before the 21st century. This collection exhibits the city of Edo as it grew into the city known today. 

In this painting, citizens from the city of Tokyo from the ages during the 19th century are arriving at a temple. The citizens gather together here at the temple to share one belief. As the temple was traditionally red the artist painted the citizens wearing blue clothing to bring contrast to the scene.
A train station within the city of Tokyo, the "Shinbashi Station" is one of the many places in Japan where citizens gather. Here the citizens dress casually and have opportunities to leisure before their train departs. The image has bits of transparency within the exhaust from the train engine and glass from the building.
In the district of Tokyo at Asakusa this painting taken during the winter season, having less color in the image. The canvas shows the ground view of the temple. This painting takes the viewer to the perspective of the citizens at ground level. From this perspective we can see traditional lanterns illuminated the streets.
From another district of Tokyo, the citizens participate in a recreational activity, kite flying. Kite flying has been a pass time activity for many traditions around the words for centuries. In retrospect to the use of kites for experimental use, the citizens here flew them for centuries for pure enjoyment.
In this painting shows a shrine within the city of Tokyo. This is another gathering spot the people of Japan gathered at for beliefs other than the temple. Here the citizens are shown in colorful arrangements. From the temple the people wear mostly blue. A surge of primary colors is prominent here.
In the temple from the perspective taken at the balcony. It shows a small group conversing as the remaining people are vacating the premises. An increased amount of green is depicted in this painting, as the sky tinted green rather then the traditional blue.
Center frame of this image are two western natives traveling to the temple with a guide. Since the temple is a sacred place to the people of Tokyo, witnessing people from foreign lands there is unusual. In the image a change of season is present. Snow remains on the ground as trees retake color.
The image depicts citizens traveling across a local bridge carrying merchandise by suspending a stick on their shoulders. The bridge has dense traffic showing that this location is a successful business district in the city. In this painting the foreground is highly detailed as the background is outlined by nature.
At a plum garden in Tokyo citizens gather here to be delighted having picnics. Although the painting is named plum garden the illustration of plums is set to a minimal. The plums here are seen as white circles planted on the branches. The focus of this painting is to show the citizens of Tokyo partaking in having meals outside.
This painting shows a crowded market with people transporting and selling crafted materials and farming items. Right of the frame is citizens carrying hay and straw. To the left behind the curtains are vendors selling items such as bowls and books. In this image the amount of detail from the foreground to the edge of the frame is uniform throughout.
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