Look to the Horizon

A study on one-point perspective. 

The foreground features the floor and first pillars, the middle ground extends the pillars, and the background shows the rest of the scene outside the building.
The mounds that are in clear focus compose the foreground, and they fade towards the horizon (the background) to make up the middle ground.
The foreground features the first two pillars of the archway, and the middle ground contains the person and end of the archway. The background is made up of the rest of the scene.
The first two land masses make up the foreground, and the middle two or three are the middle ground. Finally, the background is those last two or three land masses.
The foreground contains the beginning of the road and its fence running alongside it. The field and travelers on the road fade through the middle ground and background.
The mass of rock is in the foreground, while the majority of the wall and travelers on the bottom make up the middle ground. The background features the rest of the wall, mountains, and village.
The foreground and middle ground contain the cyclist and first few portions of the eye-covered wall. The background contains the sky and smaller columns down the path.
The foreground features the sand, bush, and two people on the beach. The middle ground features more beachgoers, the woods, and the water. The background shows the rest of the shore and the sky.
In the foreground, there are trees and the driveway. The middle ground contains the house itself, and the rest of the trees and everything behind the house are the background.
In this fascinating piece, the foreground is the branches of the trees around the border, while the middle ground is the trunks of the trees and the background is the spherical scene in the center.
Credits: All media
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