White horse

A white horse is commonly a symbol of heroism. In fairy tales, the knight always saves the princess while riding a white horse. This exhibition features images of horses that are white (or mostly white). 

Even though this horse is not white, I really liked the bright and vibrant colors used. The vibrancy of it gives off a pure, heroic feeling to the horse.
Even though this horse is not solid white, I included it in the exhibit. The way the horse is positioned and looking off, seemingly so alert to its surroundings gives it a regal and heroic character.
This painting was included in the exhibit because I liked how there was someone riding the white horse while it is running. The running horse with the girl gives off a feeling of freedom and heroism.
This was believed to have been done by his mentor originally because their signatures were similar. I chose it for my exhibit because the white horse is bigger than the others, exhibiting superiority.
This was made by engraving and etching on paper. I chose this image because even it shows that even heroes get into trouble and need help sometimes. It also invokes sympathy for the horse, or hero.
This image was included in the exhibition because of the white horse. The image being in black and white also contributes to the heroic symbolism of the horse because it makes the picture more simple.
This painting was formerly named "Mamluk cavalry." I included it in the exhibition because of the white horse; the mountains in the background also give off a heroic feel.
This is a very old painting of a white horse. The horse is the only thing in the picture and is very large, taking up almost all of the space. It is simple, but shows the importance of the horse.
Credits: All media
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