Hieronymus Bosch

I choose this painting it was interesting that they are just calming standing around a huge religious figure, Jesus Christ.
I chose this painting because it was super detailed with the people who are helping the person in their death bed.
I chose Bosch used a religious figure and showed him suffering, in which is his darker side of his art.
This painting caught my eye because I saw this the fish is eating its own kind =, which is incredibly disturbing. Also, this was a artist inspired by Bosch.
This painting was interesting because most of the time Bosch used dark things, but in this he chose a peaceful religious figures.
I chose this painting because of how everything is such a mess while they aren't providing care towards the puppy.
This one was interesting to me because there's no color at all, in which was catching my eye because paintings can still be beautiful without color.
I chose this painting because it caught my eye that the man is working in a farm.
I found this interesting because it's showing the town making fun of a prisoner, which seems very torturous.
This one I found very eye-catching because of how damaged a painting could look after so long and the caretakers of it obviously just didn't care for a beautiful painting like this.
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