Old West

The old West is a theme that is looked at many times in many different ways. There are movies, books, paintings,sculptures, and songs. With all these views of this one subject there is bound to be some differences in what we usually see and imagine and what is probably closer to what the West was like. This gallery looks specifically at the works of Fredrick Remington, who made some of the most interesting works on this specific time in history.

On Guard at Night demonstrates some of the monotony that must have been felt even in incredibly important chores. Even something like a painting can't fully explain the feelings of boredom, tiredness, and slow passage of time that such a duty requires.
This piece demonstrates not the long and tiring difficulty of the plains, but instead times of physical and personnel discomfort for undetermined amounts of time which can only be waited out. The heat of Arizona, roughness of the sand, and wind burn on faces are sensations that can't be carried through art or media. However Remington does about as good a job as can be hoped for, especially on closer inspection.
Stage coaches are a very quintessential part of westerns, no matter in what medium they're depicted. In this painting the stage-coach is depicted doing what it was intended to do and not what is often thought of, such as an incredible chase.
Almost every cowboy movie has a scene that looks at least somewhat like this. It's easy to see why. It's fun to watch or in this case look at. Events like this may have happened, but certainly not as often as we would think.
This action packed painting is as interesting and absorbing as any gun fight painting. Remington's ability to depict the energy is incredible. This is also a view of an exciting yet more likely scenario that a cowboy would experience.
Loops and Swift Horses are Surer than Lead makes a point. Specifically it could be a comparison of the real cowboys to the cowboys as they shown by movies. Remington seems to be saying that even with all the flash of film and action, the real cowboys still win with doing things that the movies don't capture.
This painting serves well to look at the hardship and loss that was common on the old frontier. Although the painting is specifically about a cavalry horse it still serves as a reminder that after the crazy gunfights or stampedes life tried to continue and didn't necessarily go out with a bang, but often just quietly.
This image is a great example of what the West was most of the time. It was fairly calm business as usual. The image isn't even titled. The image is to normal to put on fuss. This was part of the old West Remington saw and documented accurately.
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