The Color of the Gods by Daelyn Locklar

In this gallery we're going to focus on mythology, and the colors of mythology. Colors are representations of social status, emotions and the mood of the painting. Looking at the colors of a painting can tell you almost everything you need to know. Knowing who's in the painting helps as well. 

In this painting Venus; goddess of love, sex, beauty and fertility, is laying on white drapes covering a red sofa. White representing the purity of the goddess and red signifying love and passion.
Medusa; sister to Sthenno and Euryale and one of the Gorgons, is pictured with only her head mounted to a frame. The red splattered blood represents death. The snakes turned a sickly green/blackish color, which also represents death or sickness.
Venus is pictured here in easy, pastel colors. The light pink represents a playful vibe. The waves underneath her are showing the obstacles to over come. Since the waves are a blue/greenish color you could say that it represents the sad parts of life.
Zeus, who's disguised as a bull, abducts Europa to seduce her and conceive their two sons, Minos and Rhadamanthus. The bull shines bright in this painting, representing the god like characteristics. The distance between the bull and the other maidens is a dark representation of the colors, representing fear. The black at the back of the painting represents despair.
Poseidon's sitting on a seahorse and not far behind is his wife, Amphitrite, sitting on an elegant shell that's being carried by multiple men. The colors of Amphitrite's clothes is a nice, glossy green showing us the royalty. Poseidon is wearing purple which can also be associated with royalty and wealth.
Pluto, ruler of the underworld stole the daughter of goddess Ceres, Proserpine. All the colors in this painting are very dark, with red tints. Dark shades of colors can represent fear and worry, when Pluto stole Proserpine. The red tint can represent rage and anger, Ceres when she realized what had happened.
Perseus, demi god and son of Zeus, out smarted Medusa and chopped her head off. In this paining, Perseus is showing the head of Medusa to Phineus. Everyone in the picture is either dead or shielding themselves from her evil stare. There's no light colors in this painting, they're all dark. Representing a dark and depressing picture with fear.
Venus is pictured here with two cupids holding a mirror for her. Her drapes are red, the color of love and lust, which fits her title Goddess of loves, sex, beauty and fertility. The gold represents wealth and power.
Mercury, the god of Commerce, is pictured here floating in the sky wearing a red hat that represents power. Underneath him is the Infant Bacchus who he's interesting to the Nymphs of Nysa. the Nymphs are dressed in blue which represents loyalty and wisdom. The other colors in this painting are green and brown, earth like colors representing a more realistic feel.
Mars, the god of war, is properly dressed in silver armor; representing strength. With a red cape that shows power. To the left of him is a cupid, which is a winged love deities who represented the different aspects of love. Here cupid is pictured in the nude with just his wings, representing the vulnerability of war. The back ground colors give off a more dark meaning.
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