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The mood I think that this picture shows is like powerful.In this picture there is alot of lines all over the place. Like they can be "powerful" anywhere.The thick curvy lines and dripping paint.
In this picture they used the lines in a cheerful way.I think this because of the background they used swirly lines.The colors are bright and the boy in the picture is smiling.The background makes it happy
This picture shows a peaceful way of using lines , because straight lines going down making up a waterfall. theres swirly lines at the bottom. the lines in the backgroud are normal
Theres swirly lines. the lines are thin in like going round and round. i also see thin lines that kinda look like cursive capital L .
This picture expresses the mood,cheerful , because it has straight lines that make up stars , swirls in bright colors. There's also a mouth that is smiling
This picture,shows lines in a happy way. There are swirls,flowers . With nice cheerful colors,and a happy face.The grass stands out to me because they used straight lines dripping down as the grass.
The mood that this picture expresses is confusion because there is alot of types of lines all over the place. Which confuses me .i see straight veritcal lines that make up squares for different spots
I think this picture shows a shy mood . The lines are straight but used in different sides . The colors look as if they are fading. Theres 2 lines that make like a pointy top of a triangle
this picture uses lines in making cursive to represent letters . I think this picture shows accomplished , theres straight lines. and wavy lines . some lines are thicker while others are thinner.
This picture uses the lines in a relaxed way , there like curvy. but I think it looks like a sort of drink like coffee , which sometimes cofffee relaxes you theres not much color , theres black spots.
to me , this picture shows a lonely mood. the lines are only straight. theres no much color in it . theres some parts in which they used cross hatching. they also darkened some spots in.
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