The Art Of Realism - Megan Baker

What is Realism? Realism is a portrait that takes on either an actual person or object. A simple detail or texture that is added to an object is what can make it look like someone has taken it from the real world and placed it on a canvas.

Interior 168 is a good example of a realistic painting. The simple details of the painting that makes everything come off realistic. However, you can tell that it's a painting by the smudge texture.
The portrait happens to have a romanticism feel to it. The artist of the painting knew what he was doing. He focused more on the sitter then he did the background of the portrait.
Here lays a painting of Albertina's drawing of what takes on the realistic form of a 'Hare' or as we like to call them these days a Rabbit. The attention to detail is flawless.
The painting is meant to be of a human that is in a Sisyphus state. It is supposed to take on a realistic and abstract kind of look. You can tell that it has an abstract feel to it because of texture.
Fathers Greatcoat is a painting that resembles a young man holding up what looks like to be his father's military shirt. He could have possibly lost his father in a war of some sort.
I Want to Farm on My Land is a painting of Daechu-ri, an older Korean woman who was evicted from her home in Korea by the U.S Military. She is a grandmother and older woman who lived on a farm.
Shepard's Star happens to be a realistic painting of a barefooted woman carrying a burlap sack over her head -- across what looks like to be down a dirt road across the a huge field.
This here happens to be a watercolor painting of the Philosopher Masto Ciccio, who looks to be either leaning on the back of a chair or holding a book while looking in a different direction.
This seems to be a painting of city that is based upon a hill surrounded by a bunch of trees during the night time. If you look closely you could see fireworks and possibly a lit up palm tree.
Love and Magic is a fantasy like painting to be made realistic. The woman in the painting seems to be the main center of it all while being surrounded by fish coming out of water, and branches in the background.
Credits: All media
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