Beauty in Natures Spectrum - Derian Brown

This galleries shows examples of the outstanding colors either found in or inspired by the world around us. 

The Memory of Nature by Chul Joo Suk is an absolutely beautiful piece displaying a potted plant textured over some varying types of foliage surrounding it. The artist truly utilized the full spectrum of green at their disposal. The excellent realism almost acts as an obvious camouflage. An interesting sense for texture.
Study of Pink Hollyhocks in Sunlight is an 1879 piece by John La Farge. These soft paint textures really bring out the subtle colors well enough to, again, almost force the different shades of green. The petals contrast with the stems extremely well, yet, blend in just as well with the background. The Pink Hollycocks are plants that are exceptionally beautiful when displayed in lustful sun rays, as shown in this painting.
So strangely enough, this piece by Dimitri Kessel actually didn't have a name. But none the less, it's place in this gallery is almost self-explanitory. The showcase of vegetation in this beautiful Brazilian rainforest is complimented mostly by the cool colors shown in the pallet. The lifelike perspective almost begs the question of the pure beauty that the actual location hold that actually inspired it actually is.
Bouquet of Flowers in a Glass Vase is a painting that truly reflects its title like no other. Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder painted this beautiful bouquet and while it is not exactly a floral landscape but this assortment of flowers shows unity between the different types, sizes, and colors of all the trees and bushes that they grew off of.
One of the more divine beauties of this world is the sky around us. It really is one of those things that we take advantage of sometimes. It’s always changing and offers beauty even in simplicity at varying times of day. The beauty that by Eugène Boudin really captured in this painting is how universal It is. From the soft colors to detailed textures, we can all look at Study of the Sky and take something different away from it.
Sea and Sky is a painting that portrays those moments surrounding when the Sun meets the horizon, what a lot of us find to be a daily representation of the beauty this world has to offer. The soft textures and the reflection of the sky over the water show really compliment the perspective in this painting and shows us how aesthetically pleasing the rest of the landscape is.
Hyo Soon Choi was truly able to capture the reality and essence of the world around us. While the background adds a more realistic aspect to the painting, I think that the smooth texture and the difference in detail between the background and foreground really capture the sense of Meditation. The concept of meditation really shows us the true value of looking beyond ourselves.
Emily Carr’s “Trees in the Sky”, while not as realistic as other nature related paintings, conveys that simple and straightforward message. Like the title, the painting shows this field with trees grown to heights that, from the viewing perspective, touch the sky. The textural shading is magnificent. The blues in the sky take on a lighter shade to show where the sun is positioned. The interesting part is that the colors throughout have smooth transitions to other colors on the pallet.
Houses at Auvers is an 1890 piece by historical artist Vincent van Gogh. Auvers, or Auvers-sur-Oise, is a subarea of Pars, France and where Van Gogh also spend a fair number of his later years. His painting is an example of the kinds of houses you could find there and each one is surrounded by an excess and variety of foliage. All of the plants are complimented by the soft and simple colors of the houses and really brings out that natural aesthetic; natural enough for it to even remind some of ourselves of home.
Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting “The Starry Night” showed us the night sky over a village. The night sky is full of stars giving off explosive light and other elements of the night sky stirred up behind them. At a glance, it’s almost as if every shade of blue was used in this painting. The village below actually uses most of the same colors in the sky. This is another painting that reflects how the world around us includes more than just the beauty under our feet.
Credits: All media
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