The Majestic Beauty of Nature

The following art pieces express the beauty found within the sky, land and sea.

This picture shows the relation of the dark earth and blue skies. There is a nice balance between the dark outside rock and the bright blue sky in the center. There is also great texture on the rocks.
Great variety is used throughout the terrain, the water breaking in and the cloudy sky. The hot springs are the emphasis, so the picture draws the viewer down. Great splashes of color in the water.
There is a great sense of unity in this painting. The colors are vibrant and help to guide the viewer around. The technique used allows the lilies to have a loose form. Nice use of the empty space.
This painting reflects a great use of movement. The viewer travels side to side, reflecting on the many creatures around. There is also great unity and balance throughout. All things are at peace.
The waves make great use of lines to express the crashing waves. The water gives off great rhythm as it slashes around. Space is used effectively to show the separation of the waves and grey sky.
This painting depicts beauty happening in the worst of situations. The eruption takes main emphasis here. The red lava is in great contrast with the black ground. There is great texture on the clouds.
The painting comes across very vibrant, although the flowers are not intense. The town structures and flowers down front have sharp lines defining their boundaries. There is a great sense of unity.
This painting displays great hue/value in the blue sky and yellow stars. Movement is also shown well within the swirling sky. There is great connection between the town below and the exuberant sky.
This painting displays a great assortment of color. The green pops out, but you focus on splashes of color in the clothing, homes and bark. I like the connection between man and the fruitful earth.
The red sunset is emphasized here, but you also see the imprint it's leaving on the entire land. There is nice balance used throughout the grassy plans, lush trees and vast sky. A nice end to the day.
Credits: All media
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