Art and Gold

Gold has been used in many different artistic disciplines for thousands of years. From every corner of the globe the Egyptians, Greeks, Vikings, Aztecs and many other ancient civilizations have used gold for art and means of currency. Due to the particular qualities that makes this precious mineral unique, people used gold to depict wealth, abundance, beauty and importance in art and sculptures. 

Gold often seen as a sign of purity and beauty was used in many religious paintings and relics to emphasize the beauty or importance of a particular scene. For example here Mary and Jesus have golden halos surrounding their heads showing importance and holiness of the the figures depicted.
This very ornate drawer still stands true to its beauty and class still to this day. The intricate gold designs compliment the beautiful Rosewood and vice versa giving this piece of furniture the regal look anyone of high status wants in their home.
When it comes to people in power, some shade of gold will be found somewhere on them or near them. Just look at this guy for example, the only thing not gold on him is his royal blue sash and his mustache. Gold shows high status and wealth, just more of a reason for a powerful general or king to be seen with gold on them.
People are naturally attracted to shiny things, so it would only make sense to use it in sculptures and paintings to to give it more of an aesthetic quality. This gold plated copper bird gives the sculpture beauty and intricacy.
Time and time again, almost all of religious artifacts and paintings (especially during the Medieval period) gold is used to depict importance of characters and aesthetic beauty to overwhelm the eye of the passerby.
This very beautiful and ornate boat was used for navigation and as symbol of great power and served as a stage on water. This boat would have no problem turning the heads of of anyone nearby.
Here is another example of gold used to represent high status in hierarchy. We as people are immediately drawn to the gold linings of Elisabetta's dress and know by just looking at the picture she was probably someone of wealth and importance.
In Chinese dynasty traditions, many beautiful gold seals can be found, in this case, this seal was used by the King to issue an order, not cutting any corners to have the golden seal show that the the King's decree is important and again a reminder of the King's social status.
Even at death, people would place golden coins over the face or eyes of the deceased king in order to commemorate a life lived in high stature.
When dealing with emperors and kings, gold is almost always chosen to establish or commemorate the lives of those in power as full of wealth and competence.
Even hand-washing tools for the wealthy had to plated with gold just to show off to others even the most minuscule items had an artsy and expensive look to them.
Amongst the silver, diamonds, enamel, and gorgeous miniature statues representing the four elements by the ancient roman deities, gold had to be a part of this beautiful table center piece to finish off this baroque piece and make anyone gaze at its glamour and forget about their tea party.
Besides all of the cool things this clock can do there is no escaping the absolute profound beauty of this cathedral-like golden masterpiece.
Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, its no mystery that the gold presented in this statue plays a big part in its beauty. Emerald and other precious stones with the addition of gold makes this piece stand out amongst others and triggers the "I want" nerve in any human.
This Gold cup owned by religious icon Martin Luther is a perfect example of the pure decadence that gold can give to simple items.
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