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Every age projects its own image in arts. The High Renaissance was a time between 1490 - 1550, were artistic geniuses spent time mastering classical art styles and perfecting new techniques. They incorporated perspective, chiaroscuro, and individualism with humanistic detail into their art. The artists that will be included in this project are Michelangelo, who was an expert on the Human figure and anatomy, and Raphael who excelled on the technique of chiaroscuro.

This scene, painted by Raphael, portrays a knight riding horseback fighting a dragon. A woman is watching in the background as Saint George stabs the dragon with a spear. The dragon most likely symbolizes sin or the devil. The painting shows more of a religious scene contrasts from the usual humanist or classical uses much chiaroscuro and is very detailed.
One of Michelangelo's red chalk sketches. It shows excellent shading, and great detail to the human figure. It also conveyed the humanist feeling of the time period.
Another religious painting done by Raphael in the 1500's. A lot of great detail and chiaroscuro elements were put into this painting.
This painting by Michelangelo depicts a religious themed scene of a saint being tormented by imps or demons. It has many of the newly developed renaissance art techniques implemented into the style of painting such as chiaroscuro, attention to human detail, and an essence of perspective in the background.
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