Even with the rose plant in the front taking up most of the format, it does not appear to be the emphasis. One branch lowers over a woman, her white dress making her stand out even more so.
This painting is almost frighteningly realistic, with its strong, well-placed highlights and dark values in the right places in the fabric.
Although is isn't realistic, there is a calm, still vibe in this static picture. The less strong shadowing and light colors adds to the relaxed mood that the artist puts us in.
This portrays the busy, everyday life on a public bus. It is very dynamic and active, bringing the painting to life. The angle used helps to mimic a sense of movement.
This surrealistic painting looks like an underwater palace, with fish floating calmly above the well-dressed people, making it very dreamlike.
The woman's red dress immediately catches the eye, making her the definite emphasis, along with the dog that her hand leads directly to.
The image is very flat, having no sense of depth, but that is what makes it interesting. It is like an aerial view of the battle.
Since everything is painted in the same color, the only difference is the shades and values of the different objects. Things more far away seem to fade into the distance, giving it a misty effect.
Not a specified object, but appears to be spiderwebs over a surface like a map, being one possibility. This leaves most of the work to your imagination.
Stippling was only used in the trees, but that was the first thing that I noticed with this painting, which was the most effective technique here that provided value.
The striking bright, sharp colors in this piece caught my attention. Everything seems blurred together, but the woman is still distinct among the various plants because of her brighter colors.
The books make this painting surrealistic and bizarre. They serve as a comp line that leads to the building towards the back, allowing us to view the entire picture.
This painting seemed very unique considering the art style. It is almost like a cartoon and gives the illusion of distorted nature.
The simplicity of this painting and subtle color caught my eye. Although there is a lot of negative space, the branches and emptiness everywhere else draw you to the bird.
This artwork is very 3-dimensional and convincing. Even the fabric thrown over her dress appears to be transparent, giving it an even stronger sense of realism.
Rather than the people, I am focused mostly on the room. There is a large sense of space that draws me in.
The colors on the man's shirt that serve as shadows are unexpected, using purples instead of darker blues or even blacks. The other seemingly random marks of color are also interesting.
There is an unusual combination here, which is what first piqued my interest. The contrast of the title against the blue leads my eyes to it, then back up to the images.
This painting's abundance of detail and color makes it stand out from the rest. It takes up most of the space, forcing me to look at it and never leave the page.
This piece caught my attention because of the soft use of the red color that doesn't make it quite so striking, but subtle. The simplistic painting style ties it together.
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