A Woman's Art 

In this exhibition I choose the theme of a woman's body. A woman's body is a form of art no matter the size or curves. A woman should not be ashamed of her figure. Instead she should be proud and confident that she is a walking master piece created by God. Every woman should embrace her curves as this quotes states "In life, as in art, the beautiful move in curves" -Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton.

This woman is a perfect example of what many woman want to look like no in the 21st century. She has the flat stomach and the perfect curves. In this generation she is considered to be "Thick".
In this painting the woman appears to have little curves but she has a flat stomach. She would be shamed by many people because of her lack of curves. Yet she is still beautiful.
This picture is perfect, because is shows 3 different woman with 3 different body types. They all have curves at different angles that they all embrace.
This woman is appears to be really thin and have small curves. She also appears to be a bit tall making her body enhance a bit more skinny.
This drawing is called "Girl" I found it to be a perfect example of how a girl is drawn. A woman's body is an art work that should be accepted no matter how it is presented.
This woman is a little on the plus size, but she still looks beautiful. Her body still looks perfect and she should be confident of her self and her curves.
This is one of my favorite pictures, although she is not slim you can tell she is comfortable. She is content with her body type and has no shame. More woman should feel this way about their bodies.
This drawing shows a woman's curvy back. She is also not thin but look at how beautiful her body looks. How the curves enhance avery angle of her. Curves are art and art is beautiful.
This woman has a flat stomach but she is not skinny. She is neither fat. She just has good curves and posture. She seems happy in her skin. Making herself look even more beautiful in the mirror.
This drawing shows a woman with a real curvy body. She is also extremely thin from her waist.
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