Virtual art project

In this exhibit it has painting to do with different aspects of people and other countries who were fighting people. There is also art works of people who lived during war and what some of there houses looked like. It also is different years in which these events took place. That is what this exhibit is about.

This painting is a picture of uncle Sam saying that he wants men and women to help him in war. This shows that women are aloud in the military now.
This shows how armed forces were attacking and making their rivals retreat
This picture shows that Women are allowed in the army in they are able to be in combat as well.
This art shows the World war in Japans eyes in what they had to go through while they were at war and what life was like.
This picture is hard to read but if you focus and pay attention you see its a group of military men standing around a fire to keep warm.
This art shows the aftermath of the battle with France. It has a lot of meaning because people lost their homes and family.
This art show an Mexican Engineer who had to suit up for battle after his country went to war.
This art shows a mail man during the war and what he used as transportation.
Credits: All media
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