By using the light to create the focal point, it creates a contrast against the dark blue/black sky and surroundings. 
By using white for the angel and having the rest of the scene dark, the contrast is very apparent and makes the sky and angel stand out against the rest of the painting. 
By painting the subject in red with yellow lightning against a blackened painting, the subject stands out moreso than if he were painted in a complimentary color.
The contrast in this image is subtle, but by painting St. Francis in a brown against a marble color, he stands out as the subject of the image, next to the podium that is of a similar color.
By using white and red on Simon, it creates a contrast against the blacks and greys used in the painting that make his sash and neck stand out as the first two focal points. 
This painting has two contrasts: The yellow against the dark greens and blacks of the ocean create a seperation of the sky and sea, but there is also a contrast between a serene sky and a rough sea. 
By using white for the subject and angels, and black as a background, a very obvious contrast of the major colors is apparent. 
This image also has two contrasts: The use of dark colors in the background and bright colors on the people creates a focus on them. The background also appears ominous whereas the subjects appear whimsical.
By using a blue bowl with yellow fruits inside of it, my eye was immediately drawn towards the contrast that exists between the two colors. 
The subject's red hair against the black background immediately drew my sight toward her face. Her skin is in contrast to the clothing that she is also wearing. 
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