Aegean, Greek and Etruscan K-2 B1

Parents, if you wish to discuss Pompeii, here is model to help students see the straight paths/streets and the size of the city.
Nydia is a blind flower girl.  The Snite Museum at Notre Dame has a copy of this sculpture.  You can see a broken piece of column by Nydia's feet.  This sculpture was modeled after a discovery in the ruins of Pompeii of a girl running down the path/street that you see in the first picture.
This is painted on a clay panel that was hung on a wall in either a public building or a tomb.  The pattern on top is the detail that I would like students to see.
Here is another pattern.
Here is a set of paintings painted right onto the wall, Frescos.  Most art was not portable like our framed pictures today. I would like students to see how it appears that there are boxes/frames around the pictures but the wall is really just flat.  There are several patterns as well but they may be harder to see.  This is from the ruins of Pompeii.
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