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value vocabulary 

This image represents a value scale because of it form of lightness to darkness, from the right/left side of the buildings it is dark then toward the center it turns into light, or if the image is looked from the beginning to up ahead it starts off dark then it turns to light as the road it continued further.
This image is an example of high contrast because the man is dark, or not really light then furthermore the image is light because if the object ahead. A High contrast image will have a broad range in values from the value scale even if it is not necessarily all the values from the scale.
In this image it has more "darkness" than light, changing the mood to mystery because of the curiosity of what is over at the far side of the ocean and what are boats or those figures doing over there. It is an image of value distribution (unbalance).
This image sends a certain mood to the viewer, like sadness. This is an example of value distribution (balance) because the way the mood is set upon by the shading, or darkness and lightness is drawn.
In this image it has a variety of shapes, but the main thing it contains is volumetric value, Volumetric value is when a range of values are used and the figure is formed into something that looks like a two-dimensional or three dimensional figure.
This painting has images of big trees and those big trees are being shined upon by the sun, and on the other side it cause a shade or shadow. In another word it is a painting of a cast shadow, the shadow is typically cast on the opposite side of the direction of light.
This figure is an example of attached shadows and an attached shadow is a value(s) that is/ are directly defined the basic form of the sphere. It almost like a pop-out or three dimensional but not quite, the image is "holdable."
This image feel or looks like the people in the painting are close to the viewer and the buildings are far away, this creates an illusion of space, therefore, it is an image of atmospheric perspective.
This image is chiaroscuro because of its light contrast on a certain figure, which is the angel above all the people and then it increases on contrast around it, where the people are.
This image is an example of low contrast because it shows an illusion that the other trees are far away, and makes them look blurry than compared to the leafless bushes, it makes the image look or feel pretty dull and faded out.
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