My Egyptian art gallery

She has one hand raised in the air and her other hand is lowered and holding a menat. Her hair is black and on her head there is an ointment cone on top of her head. She's wearing a white top.
A blue Scarab, or beetle, that was appraised highly for mummies because the Egyptians felt it would serve as a heart even in the after life.
King Iuput II is standing with facing to the right and holding ankh in his right hand. He has fine and good quality items on him such as a pendant and cap.
A large blue bowl that has the illustration of lotus buds and flowers in the middle on the interior. On the exterior there is a giant lotus.
There are many colors on this sarcophagus such as the face being red and then a blueish color for most of the rest. There are images depicted on the body of this as well some of which are religious.
Credits: All media
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