Howard's Gallery

I used painting and sculptures in this gallery. The brush strokes, shading and ridges show the softness or hardness of the person or object in the artwork

The use of cool colors and flowing brush strokes makes it seem as though the wind is blowing.
The artist used dark shadows makes the clothing look loose fitting.
The flowing marks of the hair makes the it look soft.
In the piece, the combination light and dark colors on the trees gives it a feeling of hardness.
The way the light bounces off the floor shows that the floor is smooth and shiny.
The swirling brush strokes gives the painting a sense of flow.
The light and dark blues in and around the clouds gives it a soft feel.
The ridges in the clothes make it look and feel soft.
The small brush strokes on beard makes its look fuzzy.
The colors of the rocks and water describe the hardness and softness of each object.
The light and dark colors of the watermelon on the far left show that the it was cut into sharp edges
The artist used dark edges and sharp corners to make the drawing look like a dangerous rocky plain.
The artist used soft pencil marks on the character to make the skin look soft.
The shade and pencils marks around the eyes and makes the person in the drawing look old.
On the side of the far left building, the dark marks suggest age.
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