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This image is an example of volume because the cubes take up space. It is open volume because the cubes are not closed.
the artist of this image used lines to create it. You can see close up that the entire image is made up of lines.
this image is not only made up of lines but uses them to add value to the work of art. The lines that are use for value are intended to cast shadows or emphasize things of importance.
This is an example of form in the round. It can appeal to the observer in every angle of sight.
This work is an example of space because there is depth implied in the picture.
This work of art is an example of color because it is made up with optical color schemes.
This is an example of texture.
This piece is an example time. The bride is indicating that a weeding had just taken place and the fact that they are all sitting around a dining table suggest that it is time to eat dinner or a meal of some sort. It is an event in time.
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