Baroque period McAndrew 3

The Baroque period was an artistic period in the 16th century following many reformations such as government and religious. Characteristics of baroque period art are very bright colors and very dark colors and not much else in between. An important technique used here is to create the look of movement. You can also identify baroque art as looking very extravagant, over the top, and sometimes even gaudy.

I really liked this painting because of the light contrasting with the dark on the skin known as chiaroscuro. It's believed that she only painted this as practice.
I chose this painting because of the identifiable characteristic of the movement in the dress.
This painting shows the gold in the ducks and the blacks in the grass to create contrast.
This is a very dark and almost dull painting except for the peacock. An artistic technique used here is sfumato which is the blurring of softening of edges shown in the trees.
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