To understand racism more we have to look at its history and how it all started. Racism has dated back to the start of time. It started to become big when capitalism started. The capitalists or westerners came to Africa taking its people who were not aware of what was going to happen to them to other places in the world and using them as slaves. Africans were not the only ones being taken in as slaves.  

The exploration of the White men to Africa is where it all started. The westerners took the africans as slaves and graded them as below humans. The white men did this to be on top and to stay on top.
For the high class to stay in the high class there needs to be a lower class. To make sure there is a lower class there is racism. They make a group look bad and make sure they never move up classes.
There are a lot of people in poverty and racism is a big part in why they are poor. Some people cant get jobs because of their skin color or where they are from. This is a reason people are so poor.
People moving from one place to another are also victims of racism. When a ethnic group moves to a country its people dont want them there to take what is theirs which fuels the use of racism.
Slavery is the biggest reason in which people are racist. The white men made them look bad. If the slaves look bad then it is ok for the owners to hurt, abuse, or mistreat their slaves.
If a slave were to try something against their master then it would look bad on the owner who would look weak which would cause them to be racist against all the slaves and hurt them all.
A big part in the histroy of racism was the Holocaust. The Jews were the victims of the act of racism. They were beileved to be lower than human by the nazis. This event made the Jews look bad.
The beleif that white were the superior was because they thought to stay strong you have to kill off the weak. They picked the Jews out of no where and said that they were weak and should killed off.
Capitalism is the fuse that led to the explosin of racism. Racism was made by the strong to degrade other races to make slavery look ok to do. Westerners made the slaves look like lower than humans.
Martin Luther King Jr. was a big part in changing the world and making everyone equal. He traveled around the country speaking infront of thousands of people. He stopped the use of seggregation.
Stereotype is a form of racism. Assuming someone to be someone they may not be is being racist. You cannot label someone that you dont even know. When you do this you are making fun of a culture.
The difference between racism now and racism then is that people back then would physically attack someone a different race. Now people would just make fun of other peoples culture.
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