We are {human}

        As humans, we are supposed to believe in our kind. We are supposed to value the potential in others. And we are to resolve conflicts with reason and understanding of one another. However, we all are aware this doesn't happen and we humans are flaw-full.                                                                                     The Collection, "We are {Human}", goes through the stages of life every human must go through to find who they really are; to find their silver lining. It starts off showing us new, graceful, beautiful. Then, we are lost, or even become an outcast to society. This is the point in which conflicts arise, wars are started, and poverty takes root. It's then at this point that hope, and only hope can restore us, to make us new again. After all, we are capable of being found and be compassionate, and able to receive sympathy. This collection uses various medias of canvas, sculpture, video, and street art from across the globe to prove the point that every human goes through hardships to find their redemption in the end.

Credits: All media
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