Homestead Act 

The Homestead Act was the start of some tensions. The Homestead Act encouraged Western migration. This allowed settlers to have 160 acres of land. Homesteaders then paid a small fee for 6 months before owning the land. But it they wanted to own the land without having to pay for it them they and had to complete five years of residence before actually owning the land. The act was passed on May 20th, 1862. 

The Homestead Act was the most important westward expansion because it gave claimants, a person who receives money from the government for unemployment and disability benefits.
This shows how they used horses and animals to harvest the land they planted.
Successful Homestead claims were dropped and Alaska had the last provisions of homesteading until 1986.
Some problems that were caused by this was,they forced the native americans out of their land. It didn't guarantee that the farmer would be successful or get good land, they might pack up their lives and not be successful. Some people bought the land not to live on it but instead to turn around and use it for profit. these settlers faced huge challenges just getting there,such as hot prairie suns large grasshoppers swept across the plains eating their crops very little trees so very little wood to build with.
Some ways that they solved the problems of the food and crop things they invented the steel plow, this cut through hard soil. The next thing they invented was the mechanical reaper it was used to cut grain. With these new inventoins the farmers used railroads as new methods for selling crops
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