Music Through the Veins -Leonelin Gonzalez

The theme in my art gallery exhibition is the love and fluidity of music. The artwork displayed will transmit emotions that music evokes in us in our daily lives. It flows through in through our ears into our body and minds to produce inspiration and visualizations. This is exactly what the art pieces included in this exhibition will using movement and color as the visual themes.

This piece depicts geometric shapes with in different tones of grays. The use of diagonal lines and sharp edges makes it very dynamic painting. It creates the illusion of movement, the lines and shapes guide the eyes in an almost spiral direction that can symbolize sound. The jagged corners give the viewer an edgy vibe like very loud noises or beats in a song.
This artwork displays cool colors resembling ocean or sound waves with many brushstrokes creating water-like texture. These waves appear to flow left to right because of the direction the swirls are painted.
This painting shows very vibrant and highly saturated colors and has various geometric shapes. The colors transmit very uplifting/happy emotions. The overall shape resembles a record player, also appearing to flow in a clockwise motion.
This artwork depicts a women dancing showing her different movements like motion photography. This piece clearly demonstrates music through the movement in the woman's hands and their up and down fluidity. The colors in her dress transmit energy as if she were listening to upbeat dancing music.
This piece illustrates a women on a horse in a colorful abstract landscape.The horse can be interpreted to be dancing as the women lays on it admiring the music. The colorful landscape guides the eye through the painting creating fluidity,also displaying a majestic sound through the sparkling colors.
This popular painting portrays a man on a bridge screaming and two other figures walking away behind him.The cool colored brushstrokes create motion resembling sound waves along with the sky. The man's facial expression transmits an unpleasant emotion like when you are stuck listening to a terrible song.
This art piece displays many people dancing, sitting and enjoying drinks along with each others company.The dancers transmit pleasant,joyful emotions through their faces. This painting creates movement throughout the entire piece clearly displaying the sound of music to the viewer.
This design is created through a variety of brushstrokes and mostly cool colors. The strokes seem to all have different directions clashing into one another like sound waves from many different songs playing at once.The different colors transmit different emotions just like genres of music do.
This painting has vibrants colors seem to be melting into the trench underneath the railroad as if it were a psychedelic rock music video.It transmits many emotions and a lot of movement through the various figures and their repetitive serene facial expressions.There's also a man playing the violin on a balloon in the center of the piece and to his left is another man who seems to be an orchestral conductor waving his arm and hands out.
This art piece depicts a variety of black lines mostly overlapping in the center and fading out as they reach the edges of the canvas.The black lines can be interpreted as broken music notes transmitting irritable or angry emotions.They make this piece dynamic and the background almost pastel colors create contrast as they are calming like a symphony typically sounds.
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