In this picture represents atmospheric perspective because of the mountains look blurry and it appears farther away.
In this image shows a high contrast because it appears from black to white.
In this picture shows low contrast because it looks dull and faded.
In this image shows Chiaroscuro because there's a dark background and the woman in the picture represents the light.
In this picture shows Value Distribution (Balanced) because it's both black and white and leaves a feel to this image.
In this picture I see Value Distribution (Unbalanced) because of the light and the dark look combined and it looks like a mix of the darkness and the lightness.
In this picture I see a Value Scale because of the purple getting lighter surrounding the bluish color in a circle which makes this from dark to light.
In this image I see attached shadows that is surrounding the building because of the values that are directly defined of the basic and you can see there is people but you can't see the way they look.
In this image I see Cast Shadows. You see the woman sitting down and you see a shadow of her legs.
In this image you can see Volumetric Value because when you look closely at the round blue inside the glass looks like a three dimensional.
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