Botticelli uses implied lines in this artwork causing it to seem like Venus' hair is moving
The actual lines in this artwork cris cross creating a sense of a solid piece of artwork. He uses lines very close to each other.
The artist creates a geometric shape by creating the table in a rectangle and the paper as a rectangle.
The artist uses organic shape by drawing the clouds in the background. The mountains are also a part of the organic shape.
In this artwork, the artist uses complementary color by using green and red on the guy on the right's cloak and shirt. Green and red are exactly across from each other.
The artist uses white on the goose and the goose expresses emotion by being threatened.
In Autumn Leaves, the artist uses analogous colors such as red-orange and orange in the leaves.
This artist uses the illusion of depth by drawing the guy closest to us bigger then the objects in the background creating an illusion that the man is bigger.
This art uses perceptual color because the mountains in the back ground look as if they are blue just like the sky.
In this artwork the positive space is the buildings and the negative space is the sky in the background
This piece is expressing actual texture because the artist used marble and carved Thomas Jefferson.
The texture of the hair is implied texture because even though its 2D, the artist makes it seems as if it was 3D by using close brush strokes.
The artist uses one color in the photo because its a black and white picture. You are not able to see what skin color she is and what color her clothes are.
The artist in this artwork uses hatching and cross hatching to create the sky and the inside of the egg shell.
The artist uses chiaroscuro by showing the contrast between the shadow of his hair to the light on his face.
In the cupola ceiling, the artist uses mini pattern to create images on the ceiling. Also in the middle he uses diagonal patterns to create a sun.
This is representing symmetrical balance because if you draw a line through the middle both sides will look just alike.
There is radial balance on this floor because everything shoots out from the middle of the floor. In the middle of the floor is a man's face
There is asymmetrical balance in this artwork because there are four women on one side and two on the other.
The artist uses emphasis to draw our attention to the center of the artwork, by using dull colors surrounding bright blue in the center
The artist uses contrast to depict between white and black to create the image and shade
The painting shows movement and motion. The artist makes it as if the fire is moving and the ship is moving.
Bruegel uses the scale technique by inserting a big fish in the middle surrounded by other little fish.
Paris uses proportion in this by having a small inside a even bigger one.
Mehta uses repetition in this artwork by created people who have the same faces repetitively.
There is unity on this wall because every square is put together to make one big image.
Hunt uses variety in this artwork by drawing a lot of sheep huddled together.
Streeton uses representational artwork in this painting. Everything is real in this picture.
Gris uses nonrepresentational in this artwork because the are is a abstract picture of a person.
This represents abstract art because if you just sit and look at the artwork, it plays with your eyes.
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