The Greatest Love of all

This gallery consist of paintings and sculptures of mostly notable couples throughout different time periods being represented in the artwork.

This sculpture displays Lakshmi & Vishnu carved out of sandstone embracing one another. I chose this because I was simply fascinated by the infamous Hindu myth about Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi coming together.
This iconic Americana piece is an oil painting done on beaver board. The artist utilized special techniques from learned from prior European training. Although the verdict is still out on whether this couple is depicted to be married or even father and daughter, I still wanted include this in the gallery because both figures are still a couple, and memorable at that.
An Old Landlord Couple is a watercolor painting done by a Korean artist. A mature couple is depicted in the artwork and was chosen because of the gallery theme.
This is a black and white image taken by a British Reverend during the late 1800's in Madagascar. This was chosen because a couple is being depicted in the photograph and fits in to the overall gallery theme.
This is a black and white portrait done on Korean ink paper created by another Korean artist in the late 1990's. This was chosen because a couple is the subject of this artwork and fits with the theme of the gallery.
This is a print of an engraved plate depicting two figures which happen to be of Adam and Eve. I selected this because Adam and Eve are arguably one of the most notable couples of all time.
This is a black and white photograph of a couple in the city of Rome. I chose this because I liked the interaction going on between the man and woman which appears to be viewing artwork at the time and this piece went went the theme.
Adam and Eve 1989 is a print done with an etching technique. It depicts a couple that resembles the notorious mouse couple of all, Disney mascots Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I chose this to be a part of the gallery because there is no other better representation of love between a couple than those two, I found it fitting for the theme.
This art piece is a sculpture of Mars and Venus made completely out of marble. I chose this because based out of classical mythology, Mars and Venus has been regarded as the perfect couple.
This is a black and white portrait taken by an American photographer who happened to be in Coney Island at the time observing a couple embracing each other and looking at the water. I chose this because it embraced the theme representing a couple.
Credits: All media
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