Forgotten naval battles

In this gallery I'm going to be exploring various naval paintings ranging from driftnet artists and different era. by Dustin Gober

An image of an American civil war battle off the coast of france. it shows how the U.S.S. Kearsarge fought in the war.
In this painting we see the US fleet firing on a Spanish enemy ship in the Santiago Bay.
hear we see an old wooden ship that appears to be on fire. Its crew have abandoned ship and are in row boats but they seem to still be fighting.
ships sinking, and gun smoke clouds the air as Vice Admiral Sir George Anson's Ship is victorious over this long forgotten battle.
here we see five ships locked in a battle upon the waters off of the Cape of Good Hope.
in this painting the Dutch are burning British ships.
hear the gun smoke is so thick you cant see but just a couple ships in this battle. you can only see the Mast and sails of ships behind the wall of smoke.
Dark clouds, gun smoke, and torn sails, this painting speaks of a storm and a battle on rough seas, and also the doom of the men whom are ship wrecked and sinking in to the depths.
Credits: All media
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