Courtney Camp -Sensual Sexual Powerful

Women should not be afraid of their bodies. Whether big or small, we are strong and powerful. With art we watch the movements the artist made to show the curves and softness of our skin and the beauty within our faces and soul. Look beyond the paintings to see the strength women have and feel beautiful from the power of confidence. 

From the beginning of time as depicted women were created for men and to continue life. True to the history the piece shows sin with the snake and the apple and the man being a strong capable provide. The image adds the story of what we began as and although not yet powerful women should feel powerful with their minds and their bodies and so many shy away from that.
Being comfortable in our own skin is a powerful feeling. Here she doesn't shy from the exposing position but basks in the power to captivate the artist and those viewing the piece. The surrounding looks choppy but the artist spent more time on her and she looks more fluid.
The pose the artist has the female in screams erotic, she isn't fearful of her body or the thought that someone is staring at her. The colors used has a more romantic feel, women should feel more powerful in that area, confidence is attractive. That feeling pulls your shoulders back, you walk taller and feel happier.
Although feeling more posed from the piece she looks soft and not timid for exposing herself completely. What you see is what you get in this piece, nothing in the background to pull the viewers away. You only see her without hair, or beautified. Just a person and the true beauty that we should all see and be proud of.
Using a strong animal to emote the viewers to see she is a strong women. Standing tall naked and ready for a fight that the sky is brewing. The dog stands powerfully at her side, the artist used another figure to get people to see that women can be strong and don't need a man to make the piece feel powerful.
One of the worst fears is death, and to take ones own life to escape capture is what Cleopatra did. It takes courage and strength to face fears. Having the snakebite her on the breast gives the piece a erotic feeling. Adding her powerful stance, she is not ending her life in fear but in strength.
Having a sculpture of a women who can fight and protect herself is what I want women to feel. Not letting men always fight our battles and stand up with more than just beauty but confidence in who we are. She stands with the bow and arrow and with elegance she points. She also is not afraid to show her body in a powerful stance.
Something that women should take class in is ballet. It gives use grace, posture, and confidence in who we are and how we perceive ourselves. In this stature she has the body of a dancer, and elude sex appeal with grace. Being proud of herself, this is what dance can do for anyone. You don't always have to be good at it, but it can teach you the poise of a powerful woman.
Women have been told to hid their beauty behind big clothing or a lot of makeup. We don't appreciate the true essence of people anymore. So worried about how we look to others. Here she is getting ready not with make up and extravagant clothing but just a robe, some jewelry and herself. We should get back to a time when it was powerful to be your self.
Although this image can be seem towards nude dancing, you have to look past that and see the power and confidence it takes to bare yourself for others in that light. She is happy showing herself and covered in expensive garments we should all be happy in being ourself even exposed.
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