One Point Perspective

The foreground is the men standing. The background is the scene behind them.
The foreground is the people in the street. The middle ground is the building that you can see the one side of. The background is the buildings that line the street and the church-like structure.
The foreground is the stone floor. The middle ground is the area around the two archways in the front. The background is the wall with the arch ways and paintings.
The foreground is the archway and the floor before it. The middle ground is the area before the second archway. The background is the area after the second archway.
The man is the foreground. The buildings and the sky are the background.
The foreground is the boy with the post/stick. The background is the sides of the street with all the people walking down them.
The middle ground is the people on the side walk walking and the caution road blocker. The background is the buildings.
The foreground is the mean playing the guitar. The background is the sports field behind him.
The foreground is the boy. The middle ground is the post. The background is the landscape behind him.
The middle ground is the woman on the ground. The background is the group of people behind her.
Credits: All media
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