Furniture  This exhibit includes furniture from all sorts of different times and places.  I chose the theme of "furniture", for this exhibit because it is unique, and the furniture exhibits are usually my favorite ones, when we go to museums.  As a whole, what the exhibit has to say about the theme is that furniture can be very different in different times a places.  What I have learned from the curator is what the job of curator is, and what, and who curators are.  I also learned how much responsibility curators have.

This silverware cabinet relates to the rest of the exhibit because it is furniture that you could have found in someone’s dining room a long time ago.
This high table adds to the exhibit because it is an unusual piece of furniture, that people do not usually see nowadays.
The sideboard contributes to the gallery because sideboards usually look different now than they did when this sideboard was made.
I chose this dress to put in the gallery, because a dress is a piece of furniture, but most people do not know that.
This vase contributes to the gallery because it is a very common type of furniture.
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