Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt (July 14th, 1862 - February 6th, 1918)

His main mediums were paintings, mediums, and sketches. This gallery mainly focuses on some of his sketches. The gallery is organized to go from less detailed gesture drawing to more detailed contour drawings.

A less Detailed Gesture Drawing the Artist probably did to gain more experience working with this pose.
Two drawings of the same model from different positions. The Artist probably did this in order to gain more experience with this particular model. More detail is starting to be shown.
Two drawings of the same model in the same position but from different angles. The Artist starts to apply more detail to the drawing especially in the hair.
The Artist is using more of a complex pose and starts to draw more than besides just the model. Much more detail is given.
Very detailed drawing , the artists works with a clothed model giving the drawing even more weight.
The artist used a clothed model and brings in pieces besides the figure, such as what the model is sitting on. The artist also uses color in the drawing with places more emphasis in key spots.
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