Color playing

the gallery is a series of color which you can see how my style reflect in it and what I want to achieve and improve more about. I love the way things go natural and dissolve with each other to make a great balance.

ocean green and light grass green
The beautiful of glamorous red go very well with gold
Blue and green in white with black
The form which is clear and each subject in the picture is full of shading emotion. I love the combination of color
White and brown, light blue and dark red
the white fog combine with dark and light blue
The beutiful emotion between green and warm brown.
the yellow tone is so brilliant
royal green and gold
I like how the artist use the color because they seem unit in 1 even through they are many different tone of color. This is a technic I want to achieve
If you look at the color of the instrument. You will see a confuse of red and black, they are a illusionism. The topic for color go well with the sound this instrument can make
The green tone go so well in this picture but I good like to go a bit deeper and darker
This is what I call playing with color! It's look easy but when you actually work with color balance. It's mind not go well as you want but in here the color is mixing together really fun and fit.
I am a big fan of old fashion style! One again I love how the map was drawn and colored so vintage! But I love to see the yellow turn more old and darker!
WOW I want to draw one for my character long ago but I cant find out the preference but now I have it!! Great
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