The use of color in nature

Alexander Garza

This painting shows the use of color by showing the beauty of the nature in a rocky area with a lot of brown colors and the beautiful blue sky
Very interesting use of plants for the people in the paintings hair.
Shows a couple going home under a umbrella on a rainy day.
Shows a beautiful look at a lake with a lot of detail.
This piece is showing the beauty of light and darkness.
This Chinese piece is beautiful because it shows the old time way of artwork in china with very detailed precise strokes.
Who could forget about Vincent Van Gogh and starry night this paintings use of color is very dark and creepy because of the dead tree on the left.
The next two the color comes from the background this one with its beautiful blue sky.
This type of artwork is very cool it replicates what a pine tree looks like with a beautiful background.
The use of green in this painting is very beautiful the plant very well blended with its blue background and its random brush strokes around it.
This is very similar to the last one but its pink and doesn't have random brush strokes but yet its own features including the detailedness of the plant itself
This is more of a dark use of color with a lot of dark colors but still shows the beauty of nature at night with a moonrise
This one the detail in the tree is very beautiful with just precise detail. And the older looking paper adds to it.
The use of black and white really bring out the idea of Nature dying and makes this piece very powerful
This painting has a very dark feeling to it. With a lot of dark colors and a scary looking tree in the mountains. and dark clouds.
Credits: All media
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