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This line

10. Texture-The lines on the table cloth provides lots of texture that makes the lines almost look 3D
1. Vertical Lines- If you zoom in you can see the lines going down and made of very unoticable lines
9. Curved- The lines in the back are very curvy and wavy and are a dark shade making it a darker painting.
4. Thick- The lines of the man's face are thick and very wide especially the outline
11. Contures- They use outlines to make the shapes and forms of the picture
8. Focused- The lines in this picture are very defined especially in the beard
Actual - There are very obvious lines such as the fence
3. Diagonal- The lines don't ever go up or down the go at a diagnol angle
Implied Lines- There are objects in here that we immediatly use our line to fill in the lines and show us lines.
Horizontal- All the staircases in the picture go with the horizon not up and down
Thin- The lines in this painting are thin except for the tree trunk. But majority is thin
Concentration- The concentration of the picture is the eiffle tower and the abstractness of the painting
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