IT's just me, myself, and us

I mean, if you let it be. In today's day and age everything we strive for is material. We believe that if we have all these things then we will in some way be fulfilled. But I propose that these items just makes us feel lonely as we replace real relationships, and moments, with superficial and material things. Even celebrities are now revealing how unhappy they are even after acquiring all this wealth, so why is this what we're all chasing? Without these distractions we can focus on real human interaction, on ourselves, and find happiness in the simple pleasures.

"chances are you will not get to be rich and powerful while you aim for the other goal; and the rewards of freedom and happiness will elude you altogether" -Epictetus
What a man thinks of himself, that it is which determines, or rather indicates, his fate. — Walden This fits into my theme as it shows a man in the clouds alone. Having time to think and reflect.
This portrays simplicity of clothing, of people, and of the medium used itself. It is so simplistic in form, but with its use of complementary colors creates a comforting vibe and balance.
This sculpture is of two birds flying and apparently toward their dreams, and the dream for this exhibit is to be happy and free.
"By externalizing this mediating activity, man is active only as he is lost and dehumanized."- Marx On giving things a monitory value
"The most hold band of society is friendship. It has been well said, by a shred satirist, 'that rare as true love, true friendship is still rarer'". -Wollstonecraft
Let's enjoy the simple pleasures
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