High contrast architecture

By John Froedge

This is a photo of a street with high contrast buildings to either side of it. this photo tells a lot. You can see that whatever part if the city they are in it is very poorly maintained part of the city. there are damaged roads and damaged buildings.
Similar to the last photo of this photo has a very gloomy mood and is taken from an area that is also poorly maintained. You can see very large buildings in the background. there are also people walking all over in the foreground.It is a very busy part of town has the photo describes.
In the foreground of this photograph is a large Square fountain with flags all around. The background is a city. This photo is very symmetrical Meaning if you were to cut it down the middle it would look very similar on each side.It is a very good photograph and fits in well in my gallery.
This photo shows a lot of color contrast with the greens on the building’s scaffolding to the Blues in the sky and the building behind. I'm not quite sure where this photo was taken but it really makes you wonder being such a different-looking area. Most likely in America guessing by the type of architecture seen.
This photo has a lot of lighting contrast. the largest size of architecture around the two people and completely dwarfs them. the bottom half is occupied by more dark space on the top half is occupied buy more light space. they made the walkway look more like the horizon how they took this photo. very interesting and I thought it fit well in my gallery.
This photo is of a very dumpy area where a building used to be.This one really only fit in because it was one of the only ones I could find that have high contrast and architecture. I'm curious as to what they are lighting in this photo.It makes for a very depressing photograph.
Here you can see much more modern architecture. These are much more beautiful colorful looking buildings. The trees in the foreground really do pop and make for a great separation from the background.This guy also does the same for the background with a very saturated blue.
This piece of Architecture is very cool. The high contrast comes from the Shadows of the legs on the bright sky. it makes for a very Dynamic photo. shot placement also plays a very big role here. just like many of the other photos it is symmetrical.
This photo is very similar to what we had previously where you can see the building Rubble was one of the main parts of the photo. this fits into my gallery very well because of the type of photo it is.The graffiti on the wall really makes it stand out.
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