Expressive physiology

My name is Margaret Kraft, and my gallery is a series of artworks I thought displayed anatomy through line. I decided to go with works that I found inspiring, with elements that I like to use in my own art. I also chose anatomy as the focus, because I have always been fascinated with the human body.

I picked this piece because I like the way the line in it draws your eye up and down the body. I also enjoy anything that has newspaper print in it, to be completely honest.
I chose this piece because I love the way that the details in it are all done with small lines; and I really enjoy the almost body-horror theme it has.
I picked this piece because the lines on the it are super clean despite being just an anatomy study. Also shout out to my home state. Go badgers.
I picked this one because it is also an anatomy study, but I see that it's done all in crosshatch lines.
I chose this piece because what's anatomy without skeletons! I also enjoy the lines that make it a marionette, and the little mechanism on the left.
I picked this work, because I like the curved line weights that make the girls look curvy; and it fits the anatomy theme because they feature the nude muscle structures of the girls.
I picked this piece because I like the detail in the skeleton/reaper. It's an excellent line piece because of all the background and the older gentleman's outfit.
I picked this piece because I liked the muscle structure on it, and I like the way the lines move to make the image make sense when it's this way AND while it's turned on it's side.
I picked this piece because it's very simple line with little to no shading, but it still gets the woman's figure across.
I picked this final piece because it's a beautiful portrait of a nude woman, with awesome attention to detail. It also fits with the line element of art, because the shading is done in crosshatch.
Credits: All media
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