Grace's ancient Egyptian art exhibit

This is my ancient Egyptian art gallery.

The statue is of a man, his wife (right), and his son (left). It shows a regular craftsperson/merchant family in ancient Egypt.
This is a signet ring that belonged to a priest in the temple of Isis at Giza. It has hieroglyphs engraved into it and was probably a part of a priest's daily wardrobe.
This is a popular Egyptian amulet called the knot of Isis. Amulets are like good-luck charms that the Egyptians wore and might even still wear today.
This is another type of Egyptian amulet of a scarab. Scarabs were a very popular type of Egyptian amulet (and might still be), and were thought to be connected to the sun god Ra.
This is an ancient Egyptian cup. It has hieroglyphs painted on it and was used in daily life for drinking or eating.
This is a painting of Lady Tjepu (or Thepu) the mother of Nebanum of Thebes. It was most likely hanging in a Pharoah, priest, or noblemen's home or in a temple.
These are a pair of ancient Egyptian earrings in the shape of Lotus flowers. They probably belonged to a noblewoman or a princess/queen
This a Djed-pillar amulet, also known as the backbone or spine of Osirus, the Egyptian god of the underworld. Amulets were like good-luck charms and could be put on necklaces, bracelets, or in pockets.
This is a kohl pot that was used to hold make-up/kohl. Kohl was the eye make-up that was like eye liner that people use today.
This a jar that could have been used by many people to hold many different things. It could have been used to carry/hold water, wine, beer, soup, and harvested grains or produce.
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