Mosaic Style street art

The art presented here is all mosaic style or fractal style street art. The artists' use geometry and fractal pieces to create a full piece of art. The artists I have chosen use spray paint cans. The cans are equiped with different sized tips, and sometimes other tools are used to control the spray. 

This spray paint wall art piece done by Facter in 2012 is an excellent show of craftsmanship, using geometry and a mosaic style to create a full image. The colors chosen in the piece are mostly analogous. The differing shades of blue offer enough contrast to view the different pieces of the painting
This spray paint wall are piece done by Twoone in 2013 mixes mosaic style art with a slightly more realistic image. Space is used very effectively in this painting. The negative space in the painting is dissected into triangles, and the colors of the space correlate directly to the colors of the positive space. The bird and parts of the sleeping womas body are all pieced together in fractal style.
This piece done by Okuda & Remed in 2014 showcases high contrast through the use of bold colors against gray. the lines are crisp, and the bold colors make the geometric shapes in the piece stand out on their own, while still being part of the whole.
This spray paint wall art piece done by Suiko in 2014 is a creative fractal style piece. The piece is a scorpion with its body made out of very mechanical looking shapes and colors. The different shapes are all unified to create the body of the scorpion. The shapes are very rounded, and overlapping each other, making this a unique fractal style piece of art.
This piece done by Rukkit in 2013 stylizes its mosaic style by giving its pieces color and texture. The colors in the wolves are different from on mosaic piece to the next, and the lines and color within the pieces give them each a texture and pattern of their own.
This piece by Raul Sisniega done in 2014 takes a simple mosaic flower, and turns it into something more. The mosaic flower in the front is given an eyeball is used in the place of the corolla. The flower is also placed on a backdrop of more mosaic flowers of blue, and a light shade of purple.
This spray paint piece by Facter was done in 2014. The entire piece is full of color. The main focal point, the dinosaur, is set apart from the backdrop by a thick pink outline. The dinosaur is also set apart from its background by larger mosaic pieces that have crisp black outlines. The background is full of smaller paint strokes, and is more chaotic in nature.
Credits: All media
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