society: rights and freedom

For my gallery found and selected street art that portrays society. Some of the pieces that I chose express how some feel about freedom of natural rights such as: agency and speech. Others show the struggles that women went through when women were not as respected and free as we are today.

freedom of expression
To me, this shows how beauty is sometimes misunderstood or abused.
I chose to show this because it simply shows how society thinks of women; to clean, to cook, and not to express your true self.
Simply shows freedom in general. she is being prevented from seeing and going to whatever is over the wall.
This shows how sometimes we feel like we are being invaded by our privacy. We may feel like we are being watched by people, and if we ever make a mistake, they'll get after us.
This shows how women were seen as in the past. They were ignored and were seen as the gender that should stay quiet and obedient; to never follow their dreams when it came to doing some jobs that men did.
this shows a women working during world war 11, and proves that women can do the same things that men do.
This advertisement during world war 11 beautifully supports the help of women. Society is just beginning to appreciate and see what women are really capable of.
the struggle of racism still goes on sometimes today
this is depicting the fact that constant discrimination can wear away a person
such a simple statement that can give a person the passion to overcome trials
this can, in a way, present the isolation and loneliness that one can feel. sometimes you are alone, and you have to do what's right by yourself
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