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In this earthily-toned painting, the Pauli uses the lamp in the room to express the passing of time. The company looks like it has obviously been sitting together for a while, and we get this sense from their comfortable and relaxed positions, as the evening light fades in the background through the window. 
In this picture, motion is clearly marked by the brush strokes that depict the frantic movement of the multitude of hummingbirds. The cool monochromatic scheme allows for the subtlety of the motion to go unobserved upon first glance.
The vivid gold of this lamp depicts both time and motion as the figure appears to be taking a step forward in time. The sculpting of the metal casts shadows in some areas, causing the figure to sort of lurch forward as you look at it.
This picture is alive with motion...whether looking at the individual straining his muscles to keep the boat in place, or the motion grasping her child's hand to pull them towards the dock, or the individuals waiting to embark, the stances in the picture (and the waves beating into the alcove) clearly depict motion. The waning sunshine also gives note to the passage of time, adding a bit of urgency to the motion within the picture.
This lovely photograph in black and white gives us a picture of a man mid-step as he appears to be carrying photographs on his journey towards an unknown destination. Another unique aspect of this picture is that the photographs he holds show a different time, maybe when the man was younger, at a place similar to the one where he is standing. It makes me wonder if he may be a subject in one of the photographs, at a different time...regardless, the photographs, obviously taken at a prior date, give us a quick reminder that time passes, whether noted or not.
This picture captures motion in a unique way, the pushing of the wind seems to be dictating the entirety of the painting. The desperation evident in the people's movements gives the viewer a clear call to commiserate in their anxious/agitated motion. The distant ship, which appears to be where the people originated from (and also appears to be sinking) gives us a feeling that time has been passing. From the ragged state of the people's garb, it appears that their struggle has been ongoing for quite some time.
This black and white picture is clearly showing the motion of the young girl as she leans backwards. The arm of the secondary individual reaching out to touch/comb (?) the girl's hair gives us a sense of motion, as well as the girl's billowing skirt and askance stance.
This picture shows uses the complementary color schemes of red and green on the figures' clothing against the blue and orange of the framing articles within the picture. This draws our attention to the angel's arm, which is poised, and the other, which holds out a flower to the woman. The motion within the picture is also shown in that the woman was clearly interrupted unexpectedly while reading, and she seems to be startled by the appearance of the angel by the way her hand is drawn towards her chest in an gesture of surprise.
This sculpture is unique in that the struggle between the hunter and panther is evidenced in the posture of the hunter (leaning away from the panther) and the panther's pouncing attack. The hunter's spear is raised, ready to spear the panther in a brief instant, also giving the spectator the feeling that we are viewing a brief moment, frozen in time.
In this piece, the artist depicts several still shots of a horse and rider in motion. Seeing the horse's feet in different stages of movement gives us a feeling of motion over time. The rider's position on the horse also changes over time, giving us the feeling that he's successfully keeping his seat.
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