1. The man has a broom and mop so he must work a lot 2. He looks depressed 3. He's wearing polka dot
1. The woman is hand washing clothes 2. The tree is dead 3. Everyone looks sad
1. Laying on stairs 2. worn clothes 3. dirty
1. Broken down home 2. no windows 3. worn clothing
1. look malnourished 2. sleeping in a dirty corner 3. worn clothing
1. picking up scraps 2. has a small cart 3. looks dirty
1. sad children 2. living in a cylinder 3. very unsanitary
1. small house in the middle of nowhere 2. working 3. land looks dry and unuseful
1. a small shack 2. laundry hanging over door 3. buckets in front door
1. Dirty room 2. uncomfortable bed 3. wearing worn clothes
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